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We have been called Digital Ninjas, we make Software look easy.

Whether its your next big digital marketing initiative or a complex business rules engine.

We handle the tech, so you can focus on what really matters. Your business!

Digital Marketing


Leads are the basic necessity of any business and we ensure optimum leads respective to your business through digital marketing strategies. Our solutions are uniquely effective and can help you grow your business to its full potential. RationalizeIT offers innovated responsive web design, seo services, email marketing, social media marketing and online advertising.

Software & App


We are experts ; leaders in Open Source Technologies. We excel with major frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Express.js & Platforms like Node.js and Go. API first design is our core philosophy.

Micro Services


We are trail blazers in the areas of Micro Services Architecture based Software Development. With niche expertise and a proven track record in delivering high performance applications that scale effortlessly using various Micro Services architectural patterns like CQRS, API Gateway and Serverless computing. As an early adopter of cutting edge technologies like AWS Lambda, ReactJS, GoLang and Docker etc., we have accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience in this area, while others are still exploring it.


App Delivery

Quarterly release cycles with significant downtime for each code push are a thing of the past. Let us help you effortlessly push code to production, on demand, with zero downtime into a state of the art, highly available and fully automated cloud infrastructure

Our Strengths

Creative Technical Solutions

Got an idea for a product or a service? Don't know how to make it? Let us build it, for you.

Full Stack Software Development

From concept to deliver. We deliver the whole gamut of services required to build and run your applications.

DevOps Culture

We are young; we are multi talented and we are DevOps. We are experts at collaborative product design and delivery.


Clean Technology

Whether its security or good UX, we think it from the very start. Discover debt free tech.

Measurement and Analytics

Knowledge is Power. We give you real time insight, we let you measure anything that matters to you.

Continous Innovation

Young minds, new benchmarks, " brilliance best describes us. Whatever the latest trends maybe, we are always thinking ahead





RationalizeIT's Team


Faraaz Khan

Chief Technology Officer / Architect

Faraaz is an experienced technologist with a proven track record in Enterprise, Federal and Start Up IT markets. He is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and an expert at DevOps, Software Development, Micro Services and Container (Docker) based Application Development & Delivery.


Aaryan Malhotra

Web Developer

Web Designer with RoR and Node.js Chops. Likes to hack late at nights and ace design competitions


Ishan Soni

Software " App Developer

Multi Faceted Developer, experienced with major frameworks like RoR, Express.js, CakePHP, ASP.NET, Zend, Smarty & Platforms like Wordpress, Joomla & API based applications


Abel Barnabas

Web & Data Analyst

Analytics guru, enjoys translating numbers and data into meaningful, actionable facts for clients.

Our Top Skills


95% Complete


95% Complete


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95% Complete

We build the future

Years in the technology marketplace, in varied industries, has given us insights about where the market is moving; where it is intending to go; where it is most likely to go; and the biggest definitive advantage is knowing what the right technology is to get it there.


RationalizeIT's Services

Leader in

Digital Marketing

We consistently give our customers the advantage of innovative digital marketing. Put your brand at the top of all major search engine results, make campaigns that get noticed even by the most passive customers.

Innovative Software


We make software development look easy. Hire some of the smartest developers, with all the technical expertise you need to help you stay ahead of the competition.


Micro Services


Whatever your performance and scaling requirements are, a micro services architecture allows you to respond to changes with incredible agility. Rationalize IT, LLC specializes in Micro Services Architecture.


Application Delivery

Our container based application delivery platform lets you focus on growing your business by writing code that directly translates into ROI, while we ensure you are running state of the art infrastructure with a reliable application delivery pipeline.

Working Process

Some of our Esteemed Clients

Over the years we have served many organizations, both Government and Non-Government,

Software Companies, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, NGO's and many more.

Our Specialization

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